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2018/2019 Edition

Contest Registration

Jump The Gap opens a discussion about all aspects of bathing for the near future. It seeks ideas for the many possibilities of the everyday human relationship with water, specifically related to all aspects of hygiene and well-being.

Universities and design schools, as centres and breeding grounds for ideas for innovation, are invited to engage with the discussion through encouraging students to take part in the conversation by designing proposals that respond to issues around the near-future human relationship with water.

The key issues that participants are invited to consider are:

The sustainable use of water
Almost half of the global population now lives in areas of potential water scarcity that affects parts of every continent. As the population of the earth grows, increasing stress is placed on the supply of water. Poverty and war deny people safe access to sanitation and clean water and millions of displaced people have been forced to migrate and live in unsanitary conditions. Through design, solutions for alleviating these issues can be proposed.

New concepts for human relationships with water
To design is to devise courses of action aimed at changing existing situations into preferred ones. Therefore, designing the bathing environment should be a way to create new spaces, environments or products that can offer a response to ephemeral needs or experiences, to comfort, to health, to enjoyment, to time-saving or time savouring.

Universal access
Within a few decades, the population of over-65’s will outnumber children and the population of the physically less-able will increase. Good design has the challenge of including within its scope the enjoyment and comfort of the future population majority as well as those with a disability.

New materials and technologies
Designing through new materials opens a whole scope of potentialities for bathing, from sustainable manufacturing processes to radical impact on societal values, thus rethinking the whole product-service system.

jumpthegap® is a biannual International Design Competition held by Roca since 2004 in collaboration with the Barcelona Centre de Disseny and is supported by United Nations and ELISAVA, Barcelona School of Design and Engineering.

Jump The Gap offers a 10,000€ award for each of the categories: professional and student. The We Are Water Foundation offers an additional 6,000€ award to the project that best encompasses its philosophy.

The We Are Water Foundation aims to promote a new water culture that allows the sustainable management of water resources around the world and guarantees the universal human right to access to the water and sanitation needed for a dignified and healthy life.

Entries will be judged by an international jury presided over by Ruy Ohtake and Javier Torras.

Finalists and winners will be invited to the Awards Ceremony that will be held at the Disseny Hub in Barcelona.

Key Dates

- “Kick-Off” Presentation: 10.01.2019
- Registration ends: 03.04.2019
- Project submission deadline: 25.04.2019
- Pre-selection and refinement period: 05.2019
- Award Ceremony: 10.10.2019

registrations closed 3 of April 2019 at 12:00 hours (GMT+01:00)